Frequently Asked Questions

Which blockchain will this be on? 🔅 Cardano (obviously!)
Wen? 🔅 The minting of Rhino Legends started on 10.10.2022 and the collection was sold out on 5.11.2022.
Mint price 🔅 Me'Herda's Meals : 25₳ 🔅 Rhino Legends : 50₳ (40₳ for Me'Herda's Meals holders & wallets holding any number of assets from Official Collaborations.)
How many Rhino Legends will be minted? 👹 2500 (Lowered from 5000 based on the results of a community poll) ❓ Will there be future drops? 🔅 No. Adding more assets to the same collection can potentially lower the value of the existing assets. Our main focus is to bring more value to our community and to the people who choose to trust us.
❓ Policy ID? 🔅 Me'Herda's Meals (OG Passes) : 86e88b5965505271aa5058a8cdc21da615caa7877562350316b14f68 🔅 Rhino Legends (Main Collection) : 9be6a3625c8e83a42422095232194a09ba6031af70812502b4220ce7 🔅 Memories (Airdrops, Artist Collaborations, Special Events) : 698a7c15ec7f8f59e4401c241932b0ee7c416003f7f35fdd16267f16
❓ Rarity Index? 🔅 Our collection is available on both CNFT TOOLS & CNFT JUNGLE.
❓ Royalties? 🔅 Me'Herda's Meals : 3% 🔅 Rhino Legends : 8% 🔅 Memories : 20%
❓ Commercial use? 🔅 You own all rights to your Rhino Legends for personal and commercial use. You can use it in memes, on Tshirts, as your branding and in any other way you see fit. ❓ Hodl2Earn? 🔅 As a Rhino Legends, you are entitled to %0.02 (per NFT) of all the royalties earned from the sales. This results in 50% of the royalties being redistributed among the holders of the 2500 NFTs every 2 months. Regular snapshots of the wallets will be taken at random time intervals each month. This is NOT a guaranteed means of income.
❓ How much can I earn by holding 100x NFTs? 🔅 This depends on the amount of royalties. 8% of every sale will be sent to the royalties address. e.g. if the project's 60 day volume is 2,000,000 ADA, the royalties earned from that will be 160,000 ADA. Holders with 100x Legends in their wallets will receive 2% of the royalties amounting to 3200 ADA.
❓ What are the other incentives for holding a Rhino Legends? 🔅 We appreciate everyone who buys or sells any of our NFTs. We do not shame the "flippers". Quite the contrary, we thank them for the liquidity they bring and their contributions to the project's trading volume. However, our main focus will be to reward our loyal holders so beside the Hodl2Earn payouts, there will be regular giveaways held exclusively for our verified holders. We plan on on cooperating with other upcoming projects to reserve whitelist spots for our holders. Holders will also be able to work with our guest artists and receive artworks at exclusive prices. ❓ Metaverse? 3D rigging? 🔅 We have no plans of developing our own "metaverse". We believe our funds (which comes from you) can be spent in better and more efficient ways than building a massive gaming/entertainment platform from the ground up. However, if there is a metaverse that allows for other projects to join and interact with them we will gladly start developing the 3D rigs of all our assets and airdrop the models to all Legend holders. There will not be a 3D collection mint. Interoperability is key so we will happily cooperate with other Cardano projects or even projects on other chains to have a place where all the collectors can come together.
❓ Game? 🔅 No. We can confidently say that the funds can be spent in more reasonable ways to help the project grow and to bring value to Legend holders. Developing a real game that is actually playable and can support a large number of concurrent players will cost millions of dollars. If a game is not fun, it will be abandoned. If it's lagging, players will be frustrated. If the development stops at a certain point, players will get bored. Major game companies with decades of game design experience and massive teams fail to accomplish these tasks so what are the odds of an NFT project managing to do all that?
❓ $token? 🔅 No. We truly believe there is no reason to have a token without a clear use case and reasonable demand. Having a token just to pretend we are providing value to our holders is not an enticing idea to us. ADA is THE way to reward holders of PFP projects. This doesn't let the founders generate tokens out of thin air and sell them to those who believe in their project so we understand why a lot of projects are not interested in this approach.
❓ How will the project sustain itself with no new collections or tokens? 🔅 All 4 members of The Team including the artist, have afk jobs. Before launch we worked on the project for +6 months. After the giveaway of +30,000 ADA, the remaining funds weren't enough to cover the previous months, let alone the upcoming ones. We truly mean it when we say this is a passion project. As we grow bigger, there will eventually be opportunities to generate income but that's not our first priority at the moment. The treasury (50% of all sales) will be used to fund our progress. As things stand, we will not be taking any part of the artists' commission. However, that is a possibility when we invite small artists in the future.
Some critics assume not having a revenue source means the project won't go far. The truth is, not relying on the collection for our lives allows us to make progress without feeling any pressure. We also won't have to make decisions that generate revenue but ruin the image of our brand.