🍷Me'Herda's Meals


Through riddles, puzzles, community events, battles, and raffles we brought together 200 of our most passionate community members. This small collection was minted mainly to grant them exclusive access to our Rhino Legends mint and allow us to reward them easily utilizing the Meals' policy ID.


  • Lowers Rhino Legends mint price by 25%.

  • Grants holders unique Discord roles & access to members-only channels.

  • Each Meal has a 1x voting power. Holders can Vote to help shape the future of the project.

  • Holders can also propose plans for the appropriation of Treasury funds.

  • Each Meal can be burnt to feed 1x Legend during the The Feast. Feeding a Legend will corrupt it and turn its skin scarlet. This is the only way to obtain "Red" Body trait.

  • Meal holders can commission our guest artists at exclusive rates. Visit Art Gallery for more information.


  • Supply : 200 (Will be reduced during The Feast)

  • Current Circulating Supply : 148 (on 27.12.2022. The Feast is still ongoing.)

  • Mint Price : 25 ₳

  • Mint Date : 08.2022

  • Volume : 15,000 ₳ (on 27.12.2022)

  • Policy ID : 86e88b5965505271aa5058a8cdc21da615caa7877562350316b14f68

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