☮️Friends Along The Way

Beside our collaboration partners, we have had the honor to meet numerous members of the broader Cardano community. They have inspired us, motivated us, and in some cases have enraged us. Thanks to them we have become the best versions of ourselves. Here is the list in no particular order.

ANVIL : A team of talented devs working hard to make minting a smooth experience. Netanel Cohen : We immediately fell in love with the MILK art the first time we saw it. Mr. Cohen is the legendary artist behind the art. Her Monsters Gang : Eye-catching art and a dedicated team. Alongside Stag Alliance, they were one of the main reasons why we woke up early and worked overtime in our very early days. The Ape Society : Easily our most favorite NFT community. Hard-working team, dedicated fans, and undeniable success are what separate TAS from the majority. Bad Fox Motorcycle Club : Talented developers building one of the best royalty distribution platforms on Cardano. Ted Nation : We have had interesting conversations with TN. They are also responsible for the BearMarket doxxing services. Attache : Working on a similar collection to MILK. We collaborated on a piece together and it was a fun experience. HAZELnet : Arguably the best Discord bot for Cardan NFT servers. Nils has been very helpful. One of the most hard-working devs in the space. Wild Tangz : We reached out to ask a technical question. They were kind enough to not only answer the question but also provide a lot of useful resources for our programmers. CryptoGanzo : By inviting us to his Twitter space he allowed us to make new connections. Much appreciated. And each and every one of our community members. ❤️

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