🍖The Feast

Meal Burning Mechanism


As a Meal holder you will have to choose between keeping your Meal and feeding it to your Rhino Legends.

  • Each burned Meal will increase the voting power of the remaining Meals by making The Council smaller.

  • Holders who decide not to burn their Meals will make the red skins rarer.

E.g. If 180 of the 200 Meals are kept for voting rights, there will only be 20 Legends with red skin tone. This will make them the rarest Body trait not including special classes like Undead and Torturer. Alternatively, if a large majority of Meal holders burn their Meals the remaining minority will have a much stronger vote and can easily guide the project in a way they see fit. Needless to say that our team will still be in charge of and responsible for the path the project takes. More information regarding the voting process can be found in Vote. The burn will also drastically lower the Meals' supply, making them harder to obtain.


Currently 54 Meals have been fed to Legends. Only 146 Meals exist.

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