🏛️The Council


Each Me'Herda's Meals holder has a seat at the table where we discuss decisions that can directly or indirectly affect the future of the project. We are open to their suggestions and will do our best to execute the best ideas mentioned. Statistically, there can only be ≤200 members. This number will be significantly lower after The Feast. Those who choose not to use their Meals for profit will eventually have a much stronger voice in the Council, allowing them to guide the project's trajectory more easily.


The mint started with a whitelist consisting of 200 unique community members who had rightfully earned a spot after participating in our community events. Through no fault of our own we faced numerous issues during the mint and found out that our minting service's whitelist and minting criteria are not being applied to any extent. This resulted in some members minting a lot more than the 1x Meal allocated for them. We decided not to increase the supply and stay true to our Principles.

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