12-24 months

2 of our 4 team members have been dedicated gamers for over 2 decades. We understand the dream. We understand how it feels to give your best to become a professional esport athlete and then face brick walls due to country restrictions, financial issues, or lack of proper coaching. Video games have gone from being merely a leisure activity to a billion dollar industry with hundreds of professional organizations competing for titles. With entities like Mercedes, Samsung, Intel, & ASUS sponsoring teams, it is obvious that this space is here to stay. Majority of top teams have their own academies where young talents can prove themselves and flourish. Our aim is to make this an option and a reality for our Rhino Legends holders. We will also personally help and vouch for the talented players who can't afford the entry. Such an endeavor is extremely costly and requires rigorous research and planning before even the first steps are taken.

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